AdsWith overlay

Overlays are another ad units being introduced with Pokkt SDK v6.0. These are rich media contents that can be displayed over any video ads. These overlays can contain additional information about the ad being displayed.
For example, a few lines on the product, a button to open some link related to the product being advertised etc. Since these overlays can display rich media, an advertiser can use this to put interactive content, the possibilities are huge here.

Native 360° Ads

With the new SDK (v6.0), we are introducing support for fully immersive 360 degree videos. This cutting edge technology enables advertisers to engage the end users with ads which provide VR experience. With Pokkt SDK v6.0, we have gone a step ahead and have added support for interactive "Hotspots" objects inside these 360-degree videos.
A Hotspot is an image/icon, provided as a URL and can contains a click-thru-link. Advertisers can provide these images/icons and external links relevant to the product. The end-user can tap/click these hotspots, the associated link will open externally.

In GameAds

Pokkt InGame Ads enables the game developers to make more out of their games. The idea behind this is to utilise the various elements inside a game to provide monetisation opportunities to the developers/publishers. Using our InGame Ads, a developer will be able to achieve this in a very simple manner. Traditionally, integrating in-game ads tends to be an intrusive process and the developers have to write specific code to integrate it properly.