POKKT warrants that you get healthy coverage at all times. Your Brand video will always play in full screen with a prominent click-to-action interactive End Card at the end of the playback.

Unlike pre-roll video ads where completion rates aren’t something to talk about, POKKT shows the ad when the user is ready and receptive by utilizing a user opt-in model.

POKKT combines these factors to brings in a strong recall value for your brand with clear positioning and true context within a user’s app journey.


POKKT’s video ad platform brings a host of features including (but not limited to):

Audience Targeting

Target by Location,
Device & Demography

Brand Safety

Assured brand safety with
device and age boundaries

Opt-In Only

Only shown to users
who have opted-in

Viewability Assurance

Full-screen ONLY,
always viewable video ads

Frequency Capping

Cap views per unique user +
day-time parting

Completed Views

Pay only when the user
completes a video view

VAST Compliant

Serve ads directly
with a VASTtag

Interactive End Cards

Engage users with end cards &
multiple actions


POKKT brings a wide array of metrics to measure your video campaign’s performance.
POKKT’s viewability analytics and success metrics helps you track campaign performance on your dashboard. These include:

Spends Report

Campaign spends by
location, devices, carrier

Unique Reach

Date and campaign wise
unique reach report

Primetime Report

Day of week and
time of day reports

City Wise Heatmap

Campaign performance
Heat-map by City

Quartile Reports

Complete VAST quartile metrics
by campaign

Average Ad Duration

Viewed Ad length
(in seconds) averaged out

Audible Rate

Per Quartile rate
where ad was audible

Exposure Time

Total hours that
the ad was visible

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