POKKT is a rewarded Video Ad platform for Game Developers with inventory in India, South East Asia & MENA. POKKT brings a powerful Ad SDK that helps monetize non-paying users using a highly evolved monetization platform built around the gaming ecosystem.


POKKT instinctively helps developers maximize their revenues basis their game economics. With a strong gaming background, our team don’t just help you get onboard in quick time, but also use their experiences to make that onboarding experience ably constructive. Our onboarding process starts with the Identification of key integration touch-points, that eventually helps you:

Maximize your yield

Boost revenues across multiplerevenue streams

Improve retention

Bring users back into the game atevery identified exit point

Increase LTV

Convert non-paying users to loyal, engaging and paying users


POKKT brings decades’ worth of digital media know-how to make the experience seamless for its Developers. POKKT SDK has been built from ground-up to support all possible scenarios that your game envisages.POKKT SDK is a powerhouse and feature packed ad library that brings a host of features out-of-the-box:

Rewarded Ads

Tiny but powerful all-inclusive rewarded Video + Interstitial SDK

Platform Support

Easy integration across platforms (Android, iOS, Windows)

Plugin Support

Native support for Unity, Cocos, Marmalade, Titanium, Shiva, Xamarin

Revenue Insights

Consolidated performance metrics and insights for all your Apps

Full Control

Control how videos play on your game (skippable, strict modes)


Optimizes end-user bandwidth usage by pre-caching media


Define and manage ad placements and create user segments

Network Mediation

Top ad networks like Vungle, Ad Colony, Unity Ads, InMobi, AdMob


POKKT is integrated with over 300 Top Games and App Developers in India, MENA and South East Asia. By Integrating POKKT SDK, Developers in the region can monetize their non-paying users and maximize eCPMs through highly-targeted brand video Ads within their Apps.

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