What we are offering?

Opportunity to start your own digital business in your region using POKKT’s digital ad platform.

What does POKKT do?

A leading digital ad platform for brand and performance business, that offers lucrative business opportunities in multiple regions.

Our full stack tech platform is backed with an extensive team of experts who will be available to support you in launching the business in your region, within no time at all. Through associations with leading developers and publishers in your region, we have built a strong delivery capability that will surely impress clients and enable business closures.

What does POKKT have to offer?

POKKT Brand Business

Brand campaigns across gaming and non-gaming apps via highly popular video and interstitial banner ads.

POKKT Performance Business

  1. App Performance

    An extensive app performance business that encompasses quality installs and lead generation campaigns.

  2. Web Performance

    A web performance business to provide Leads, mailers, registrations and views to clients.

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POKKTはインド、MENA、東南アジアに300以上のトップゲームとアプリ開発者と統合されています。 POKKT SDKを統合することで、地域内の開発者は、アプリ内のターゲットを絞ったブランドの動画広告を通じて、未払いのユーザーに収益をもたらし、eCPMを最大限に高めることができます。

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