POKKT offers the following broad targeting options


Target specific Apps
or App Categories


Target by Device Brand
Model, Marketing Name


Target users coming from
Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G, 2G


Target City,
State, Country

Mobile Carrier

Target country wise
Mobile Operators


Target by Age, Gender, Income,
Marital Status etc.

Realtime Targeting

Target users based on realtime
Weather conditions, Trends and Context

Battery Level

Target users based on
battery level

POKKT additionally bring simple but powerful ways to traffic campaigns
by providing capping rules and time parting rules which are governed and
controlled by the operations

Day/Hour Parting

Target users on days of week,
time of day

Frequency Capping

Restrict video impressions
to daily and/or lifetime caps

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In addition to the above, POKKT has a very powerful Retargeting tool. Learn more